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NachoCalendar 0.23

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September 4 2011


NachoCalendar 0.23


NachoCalendar is intended to provide a fully customizable calendar component for Java. NachoCalendar has three components: DateField, MonthPanel and CalendarPanel.DateFieldThis component can be used in place of a JFormattedField in fact he uses one. You can directly write the date in the calendar view or navigate between months. It extends from JPanel can be used in any Swing / AWT application.The DateField can also be used in a component JTable.DatePanelThis is used to show a month permanently. You can add headphones comfortable to respond to changing day. It extends from JPanel also.CalendarPanelThis is the last (for now) component. It shows many months at a time. They are synchronized, so they are always ordered and still only one date is selected. This component can be oriented horizontally or vertically. You can select the number of months to show. The position of the scroll bar and the changer of the year may be changed.What's new in this version: · JTableCustomizer: fixed DateRendererDecorator manufacturer * Added support phase of the moon (thank you to Leo Welsh) * Added "eternal scroll" to CalendarPanel (thank you to Leo Welsh) · Demos Updated · Many small corrections

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