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Radiance 3.9

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September 10 2011


Radiance 3.9


Radiance project is a set of tools that provide insight package.It advanced simulation software allows very detailed definition of materials and sources of light 'property through the use of advanced techniques such as BRDF and IES files, and a powerful scripting language math, resulting in accurate reporting of scenes that are usually imported from CAD and 3D modelers. It uses the hybrid approach of Monte Carlo and deterministic ray tracing to achieve a reasonably accurate result in a reasonable time.What's New in this version: · and memory octree were reduced by a factor 8. · Byte-swapping of input and output has been added to rcalc with additional error checking for the source area, A-Spec falsecolor option to restore the original scale spectral color, the ability to incorporate data BSDF in the calculations, and rendering support for persistent and cumulative calculations. Ray · weight were corrected for mixtures of materials. · Bugs in the cache of the shadow have been set. · Pixel alignment has been fixed in pcomb for size reduction and enlargement.

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