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Pinnacle PCTV Deluxe/Bungee Console 1.4

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September 10 2011


Pinnacle PCTV Deluxe/Bungee Console 1.4


Pinnacle PCTV Deluxe / Bungee Console is a GUI for PCTV Deluxe Tools Small Bungee / by Rainer Keuchel.There are 2 versions of the interface: one written in Tcl / Tk, and other writing C, using libraries.Requirements GTK2: · PCTV Deluxe Tools installed and running · Bungee Tools installed and running · Tcl / Tk scripting language installed and working (generally every Linux distribution includes that .. Try "wish" to verify your installation) · Gtk-2 libraries installed and working (usually every recent Linux distribution includes that GNOME is built on these libraries ..) · MPlayer installed and running · Xine installed and operational (xinelib AND xine-ui!) What new in this version: · Released Version 1.4! ^ _ ^ Fixed major bug, segmentation, etc. · code has been cleaned. • No need to have both Xine and MPlayer installed (only one is needed). Mplayer · Improvement and Management xine (video / audio, deinterlacing methods, etc..) · Ebuild Gentoo have been established to facilitate the installation of Gentoo on systems (see section "Download"). · Small improvements here and there · updated "to do" list (see below ..)

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