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PipeNightDreams 0.10.0

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September 23 2011


PipeNightDreams 0.10.0


PipeNightDreams project is a game similar to PipeDreams.PipeNightDreams is a game similar to the Pipedreams classic works under X11. It is implemented using the SDL libraries. It has 25 levels with increasing difficulty, and you can create your own controls by editing text files. He has lots of cool graphics and game interface.This simple and quick is a pseudo-clone of an old game called Chimera. I say pseudo-cloning because I am not the original one so that I work only with the facts I remember. I wrote in my free time over the last ten months (as you can see my free time is not much). Many other features are provided (more graphics and levels, sound, multiplayer, network and AI) and hopefully I'll slowly make it a reality. When I encourage you (if you love the game and want it more) to draw more graphics, compose music and record sound effects (the two are really necessary because I did not skills of music at all). Requirements: New · SDL_image · Simple DirectMedia LayerWhat in this version: · sprite animation added. · Full screen mode now available. · Segmentation fault when starting nine fixed level. · Complete set new graphical theme (which celebrates the first anniversary of PND). · Spanish Web page now available.

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