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U61 1.1.0

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September 23 2011


U61 1.1.0


U61 project is a multiplayer, highly configurable block-based game.U61 is an extensible multiplayer block-based game, and its rules are parametered by Lua scripts. This means any player can change the rules and share his new rules with others. U61 is very multiplayer oriented and it does not really make sense to play alone. It also has some nice features you would expect from such a game, such as theme support and very accurate key settings (one can change the repeat rate of each key independently).Here are some key features of "U61":· Network play. Gameplay should be fast even with poor bandwidth. Local multiplayer game is also available. · Theme support. The graphics and sounds are fully configurable. · Rules customization. As it uses Lua scripts, the game rules can be changed by any player, without having to modify any complex C++ code. · Cross-platform support. Since it is based on ClanLib, U61 runs on any platform supported by ClanLib (GNU/Linux, Windows...).Game Rules:· The player has a map, and blocks fall int it. Blocks are made of colored squares. · The player may control the block as it falls, for instance rotate or translate it. · When the block lands at the "bottom" of the map, ie when it can not fall any more, it is merged with the map. · When a given pattern is matched in the map, for instance, squares of the same color, then these squares explode and disappear. `· There's always a special square on the map, and when this square explodes, a "curse" is activated. Curses can be anything from bonus to maledictions.Requirements:· zlib· Hermes· Lua· libMikMod· ClanLibWhat's New in This Release:· Added a "why source is so big entry to the FAQ".· Fixed the "filler" graphics for default and psycho themes.· Updated the footer menu messages.· Implemented a test for "missing map checksums".· Updated the docs.

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