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Backstep 0.3

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October 2 2011


Backstep 0.3


backstep is a program that draws icons for minimized windows on your desktop. It does not depend on window manager or desktop drawing program (for example, I use it with Nautilus). It is designed to work with window managers that are compliant.However EWHM, I do not know with certainty that it works with Metacity and Xfwm4. And I know that this does not work with Fluxbox and it works partially with Kwin (hopefully this will be corrected soon). I have not tested other window managers.Drawing icons for minimized windows on the desktop, can be considered a step backwards by many people (hence the name) but I find it useful identify minimized windows by position rather than by name. Here are some key features of "Backstep" · Simple to use. You do not have to configure anything - just run 'backstep. · Support for session management - at least since then backstep added to the session so that it starts automatically the next time you connect to your office environment. · Group. Windows can be grouped (by right-clicking on its icon and selecting a group) of So when a group window is displayed or hidden, all the windows in the group are displayed or hidden. Configurable ·. You can make some adjustments to how the icons look. This is done through a simple configuration dialog launched by right clicking on a icon.Backstep requires at least version 2.0 of GTK + toolkit. It uses the GNU build system and installs in the usual way:. / configure & & make & & sudo make installNow run only in New backstepWhat in this version: This version makes · all frames of the icon of the same size. • It also fixes a bug where the window managers (like Metacity) that show an animation when the window is hidden would view the animation wrong place the first time that the icon was shown.

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