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GAI Temp 0.1.0

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October 2 2011


GAI Temp 0.1.0


GAI Temp is an applet that lets you display the temperature of your hard drive and your CPU. GAI-Temp can read the temperatures, ACPI, lm_sensors and hddtemp offer and displays them in a "undisturbing" how gnome-panel or a dock-app. To enable this flexibility, GAI-Temp uses the applet general interface (GAI). Requirements: · gay> = 0.5.8 • Linux> = 2.6 for Lm_sensors ( "uname-r" tells you longer) hddtemp (as daemon) to display the temperature of your hard drive. acpi œ to support Linux kernelWhat New in this version: · removed seg.fault causing accidents on some systems while saving the configuration · to use alternate routes such as ACPI source temperature (always hard)

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