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HacBurn 0.3.5

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October 2 2011


HacBurn 0.3.5


HacBurn is a frontend for cdrtools/mpg321/Ogg123 written with gtk2-perl. HacBurn is a script written in Perl using gtk2-perl. It allows a user to use cdrtools and some other console applications in a GUI to burn are currently CDs.It Burn ISO / bin images and audio discs, it can make iso images and also copy CDs. If you have 2 optical drives on the fly copy is available.Requirements: · gtk2-perlWhat New in this version: · is the second version HacBurn. Œ It has been a lot of changes in the interface and the underlying code. HacBurn uses the output of dmesg to scan CD / DVD-ROM. · Hackish This is a very fast scanning for readers and will probably only work if you have a reader reported that "CD / DVD-ROM drive connected to the IDE bus. · Soon as I can find a better way to scan the disks will be implemented. · Print and an audio CD copy * should * work. · Again, it works on my machine, but I do not have a team of testers, so please send me bug reports and other feedback.

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