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Kahakai 0.6.2

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October 4 2011


Kahakai 0.6.2


Kahakai is a fork of the Waimea window manager, with the intention to create a language agnostic scriptable window manager, while maintaining the original characteristics of Waimea, and extending them. Kahakai is pronounced with the 'C' drive, the "ha" hard and "ki" of kite.By "language agnostic, we mean that the scripts that control actions in the window manager are not speaking Specifically, they can be written in any language supported by SWIG. To begin, we plan to support Python with the addition of Ruby and Perl shortly thereafter. Here are some key features of "Kahakai" · Window / EDGE slam · Titles transparent windows and menus with anti-aliasing fonts · Python scripting (Ruby / Perl support provided) · styles used for configuration support Dockapp · Pixmap compatible with blackbox / Fluxbox / Openbox and Waimea styles · Viewports, multiple desktops KDE and GNOME support ·

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