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wanha 2008-06-06-r207

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October 5 2011


wanha 2008-06-06-r207


wanha project is a combination Perl script to run a bot on IRC channel to watch for the URL and another script to appear as a web interface on an HTTP-bot server.The day on the canal, friendly and warm keeping the conversation, which discourages people quietly not to paste URL already pasted again.wanha currently uses a database PostgreSQL as for the persistent, andmodule "PG" as the API. Using any other SQL database must be trivial bymodifying which contains the API for accessing data. In addition to Pg, Wanha module also uses the "Socket". Both should be trivial to find and install if not installed web interface already.The obviously requires a set-up HTTP-server that can run ExternalApplication (CGI). Only "Socket" module should be required to theweb interface. The web interface can use to URLs forpretty but not required.wanha keeps track links sized chains given. The bot remembers whopasted the first link and when. When stuck again, a constructive AVOID make the same mistake is given discreetly to the user. If a links known to already be seen, it can be said about placing the bot in "w" or "w!" on the front of the link (like "w!"). When a URL is first pasted it will be inserted into the database. When sameURL is stuck again, things go wrong. a) The User who originally pasted the URL will be rewarded with a point of glory. b) If the URL has been pasted without "w!" marker, the user who pasted the URL again receive a ashamed. c) If the URL has been pasted with "w!" marker, the user will receive a point.Exceptions Wanha: - To prevent abuse of the use of "w!" , Unpublished marker paste URL with the W "!" marker will be rewarded with a cheater score .- user who pasted the URL can paste it again as many times as (s) he wants. No points are accumulated by this. What's new in this version: [read full changelog] · This version corrects minor errors and improves tracking URL catching a few.

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