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Gabber 1.9.4

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October 6 2011


Gabber 1.9.4


Gabber 2 is the next generation of Gabber: The GNOME Jabber Client. Gabber 2 is a Jabber client written in C + + using Gtkmm2 is currently available for Linux and Mac OS X (X11). Requirements: · libsigc + + gtkmm · · libglademm · gconfmm · optional OpenSSL · Jabberoo needed for compilation. (Package maintainers May statically link it in if desired) What's new in this version: · Chat text entry automatically expands (thank you Gossip) Fixed a bug with the closure · Join Group Chat dialog (Luke Renn) · Contact List rewritten backend (AGAIN) · Contact Info now shows some capabilities of the client • Add Contact dialog now supports the registration of bridges · Standalone messages can now view the embedded URI · Added support for translations (no n ' has been paid)

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