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w-agora 4.2.1

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October 6 2011


w-agora 4.2.1


w-Agora or Agora on the Web is a database-based communications system that allows you and your visitors to store and display messages , files and other information on your web site. More than just "a web BBS / forum software", W-Agora is designed so that it can be easily customized via a web browser and use templates.It can be used as a guestbook BBS, download area, or publishing system. Backends are supported multiple databases like MySQL, Postgres, mSQL, Oracle and DBM.Here some key features of "w agora": • Support Multi database · multiple forums · Location · Web Administration · Customization · publishing option · Static / Dynamic Mode Message · stressing email notification · 3 levels of administration · 4 types of forum access · Moderation option · online user registration · Forum activation / deactivation · scalability · messages related · File upload support · Browse the file system · · Email Web Auto Search Forum · download · and more ... What's new in this version: • It includes a bunch of bug and security fixes. · Vulnerabilitues Since many have been fixed, it is strongly recommended for all w-agora Software · If you are using versions prior to 4.2.0, please read the README, doc / install.html and doc / UPGRADE.txt for installation and upgrade instructions

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