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GAG 4.10

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October 11 2011


GAG 4.10


GAG (initials in Spanish, graphical boot manager) is a Boot Manager program. GAG (initials in Spanish, graphical boot manager) is a Boot Manager program. GAG is loaded when the computer is on and you can select the operating system you want use.Here some key features of "gag" · Allows boot of up to 9 different operating systems. • It can boot operating systems installed in primary and extended partitions on any available hard disk. * Can be installed from nearly all operating systems. · GAG does not need its own partition. He settled in the first track on the disk, which is reserved for such programs. It can also be installed on a disk without using the hard disk. • It has a timer to boot an operating system by default (user selectable). • The configuration menu can be protected by a password. • The program works in graphic mode (needs a VGA or better graphic card), and many icons. · Hides the primary partitions which allows the user to have instaled more than one DOS and / or Windows in the same hard disk. · Allows a password be put on each operating system, denying access to unauthorized persons. · Allows the boot manager text to be translated into all languages. · Can exchange disk drives, allowing to boot from the second, third ... systems operating hard disk as MS-DOS. · Has the SafeBoot system, that allows to boot your hard disk even if GAG is accidentally overwrited. · Supports a wide variety of keyboards (QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ and DVORAK keyboards). · Fully support for hard drives up to 4 terabytes (4096 gigabytes). · Full version and free software (distributed under GPL, with source code) What's new in this version: · This version adds some additional checks in uninstalling and hide / Unhide partitions. Codes • It adds a new icon for Windows. · Some English sentences have been corrected.

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