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p-unit 0.14

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October 11 2011


p-unit 0.14


P unit is a framework for benchmarking. p-unit is a framework for benchmarking. The project saves memory consumption and execution time, and generates results as plain text, image and PDF. Users can also easily record their own reporters by implementing PUnitEventList.Test Test Suite and Suite ClassTest and test class are two important concepts in p-unit. p-unit does not require a particular type for a test class, so each class can be a class test. Of course, it includes JUnit test case. There is a special interface for special p unit test class only - p-unittest. p-unit executes a normal test as following procedure: invoke the installation if it exists. invoke the test method. invoke the method of removal. Noticed that the installation and tearDown will also be considered part of performance tests. If you do not want to count them into performance data, you must implement the interface P-unittest, which will run as: Invoke setUpBeforeWatchers. invoke setAfterWatchers. invoke the test method. invoke tearDownBeforeWatchers. invoke tearDownAfterWatchers. As its name suggests, you can install and tearDown code in setUpBeforeWatchers and tearDownAfterWatchers. Time / Memory Recordp-Unit Records of memory and time consumption of managing a test method. There is a watcher "concept" in-p unit, which oversees the state during the execution of the test method. By default, memory and Time Watcher Watcher is installed. p-unit supports user-defined watcher too. The user only needs to implement the Watcher interface and register to P-runner.What unit method 's New in this version: • The p-core unit is based on J2SE5 now. · Some minor bugs have been fixed.

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