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Udis86 1.5

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October 12 2011


Udis86 1.5


Udis86 is a binary file disassembler for x86/x86-64 with support for MMX, x87, 3DNow! etc. Udis86/64 is (as now) a binary file disassembler for x86 and x86-64 (AMD64) architectures capable of dismantling the bit binary files 16/32/64 AT & T and Intel assembly language syntax . Udis86 program also supports all MMX, FPU (x87), SSE, AMD 3DNow! Instructions. Udis86 aims to provide basic functionality in the executable format disassembler libudis86.a and a static library for use as a core subject / programs.What executable diassembler New in this version: Fixed · Decode. Vulnerabilities corrected · buffer overflow. Entry streaming is stronger now.

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