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November 8 2011




KANOTIX is a live CD based on Knoppix Linux technology using Debian / Sid. Kanotix is a live CD based on Knoppix technology using Debian Linux / sid.The included XFree86 is from Debian / experimental. The main specifications are: GRUB based startup from CD, ACPI support, DMA default on, additional support for DSL modems (Fritz! Card DSL and Eagle USB), optimal for HD install (you install a version of Debian / sid install in about 10 minutes!), kernel forcedeth (nForce NIC), Mapper device and some other patches.Simply boot from CD and enjoy Linux. Some tools may request a root password. As none is set, you must set one using "sudo passwd" or use "su" in konsole.Whenever you execute something with root permissions, you should know what you are doing! For web surfing over LAN no root access is needed. I'm sure you can find a lot to do with it:) Do not try to write to NTFS partitions using the standard NTFS driver included in the kernel, as its support for writing is very lacking - thus it could destroy the partition and the data in a new envisaged in the Captive NTFS driver that does a better job at writing to NTFS, so use it instead. For FAT partitions you can enable write access to the context menu (right mouse). You may not have the rights to modify Linux partitions, use the root mode in konsole if needed. Some links do not work in the menu - it's not my fault - the packages in Debian / sid are very new and may have some minor bugs, but you can always use new releases.What's New in this version: · Kernel 2.6.24 (Ubuntu kernel with modifications and patches); ACPI and DMA enabled by default; i586 optimization; Acritox Installer - Setup with many new functions; actual KANOTIX theme; X. Org 7.1.1, Beryl 0.2.0, VDR 1.5.2, ALSA 1.0.14, ndiswrapper 1.50; Aufs and Unionfs support; GParted 0.3.3 with NTFS resize; NTFS-3G used by default, KDE 3.5.5, OpenOffice . org 2.0.4, amaroK 1.4.8, K3b 1.0.4; IceWeasel, and the new mail client IceDove, GIMP 2.2.13, automatic installation of graphic drivers with 'nvidia' and 'options fglrx ". If the RC7 is not started on your PC exit RC6C, the difference is the kernel!

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