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p30x 08.1

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November 8 2011


p30x 08.1


p30x is a Linux LiveCD or USB that you can take wherever you go. p30x is a Linux LiveCD or USB that you can take where you go.Here some key features of "p30x": • Linux kernel · Apache 2.2.4 MySQL 5.0.37 and PHP 5.2.3 (you can test your projects offline) · proftpd 1.3.0a samba 3.0.25b · · ntfs - 3g driver to write on ntfs partitions · gparted 0.3.3 partition editor application · partimage 0.6.5 in order to save your scores · good old KDE 3.5.7 before the revolution 4.x · ... and a lot moreCreate p30x CDDownload p30x ISO file, launch your burning software and run "burn image" or "burn CD ISO image." Restart your computer to boot from USB CD.Create keyCopy p30x the CD contents to your USB device and run. / boot / (from the unit) to start the installation program sector.Restart your computer to boot From USB.Boot settings to change the boot process to start p30x you can change these values with tab key passwd = somepass (default x03p) passwd = ask (ask for the password during boot) (set of word root password) - toram (p30x copy to RAM. You'll need at least 1GB of RAM) - changes = / dev / device (store all changes to device / dev /) - load = module [1] ; [module N] load modules (optional from / optional / directory) - noload = module [1] [Module n] (off loading a module specified) - nopcmcia noagp acpi = off (skip desired detection equipment in the event of a crash)

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