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RADIUS::Dictionary 1.0

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November 18 2011


RADIUS::Dictionary 1.0


A RADIUS dictionary parser RADIUS:: Dictionary is a dictionary parser.SYNOPSIS use RADIUS RADIUS:: Dictionary; my $ dict = nine RADIUS:: Dictionary "/ etc / radius / dictionary"; $ dict -> readdict ( "/ another / file"); my $ dict = $ num -> attr_num ( 'username'); my $ name = $ dict-> attr_name (1), which is a simple module that reads a RADIUS dictionary file and parses the file, which allows the conversion between names and dictionary numbers.METHODSnewReturns a new instance of a radius of:: Dictionary object. If given an (optional) filename, it calls for you readdict .-> readdictParses a dictionary file and learns the mappings namenumber .-> attr_num ($ attrName) Returns the attribute named .-> attr_type ($ attrName) Returns the (string type, integer, ipaddr, or time) attribute named .-> attr_name ($ attrnum) Returns the name of the attribute with the given number .-> attr_numtype (attrnum $) Returns the type of the attribute with the given number .-> attr_has_val (attrnum $) returns a true or false, depending on whether or not the numbered attribute has any known constant value .-> val_has_name ($ attrnum) Other (bad) name for attr_has_val .-> val_num ($ attrnum valname $) Returns the value named for the number attribute provided .-> val_nameReturns the name of the numbered value for the attribute number supplied.

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