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A7Xpg 0.110d

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December 28 2011


A7Xpg 0.110d


A7Xpg is a game where you collect all the gold while avoiding enemies. A7Xpg was created by Kenta Cho and ported to Linux by Evil Mr Henry.Installation: A7Xpg are fully contained in this directory. There is no installation. To uninstall, simply delete this directory.Running: ./a7xpg type from this directory to start the game. The line of command line switches listed in readme_e.txt should work.Compiling all: Install the OpenGL development libraries. (This is the hardest part.) Install the D compiler, version 0106. ( Note that this is non-opensource, so if you can not execute binary file, you're out of luck. If you do not like it, tell digitalmars. I do not. Therefore, all subsequent versions of the D compiler will not work. 0106 or earlier is needed. As a final note, the resulting binary will not work on other computers because of problems in compiler.Install D SDL_mixer.Compile with "make". Libraries bulletML give some warnings. Ignore questions them.Known: The compiler is not opensource.

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