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Easiest Edit In Place 1.2

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December 23 2011


Easiest Edit In Place 1.2


Easiest Edit In Place enables Web (2.0) developers to generate any number of 'edit in place' widgets with only one line of script code.Using stylesheets and spans, any piece of text can be edited by any type of widget. Easiest Edit In Place features CSS customization and automatic caret positioning.Here are some key features of "Easiest Edit In Place":· It requires only 1 line of javascript to make any number of widgets editable.· Caret positioning. When editing inline, the caret is positioned at the point the user clicked, to make it more intuitive.· Editor can be anything, from ordinary text input to text area's or custom widgets.· Everything can be styled using CSS.Eeip has been tested on Firefox and IE.What's New in This Release:· A bug that could lead to the accidental display of placeholder text when dealing with empty fields in some circumstances was fixed.

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