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FacePAD 0.6.0

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December 19 2011


FacePAD 0.6.0


FacePAD is a Firefox extension that lets you upload albums to your Facebook friends en masse with the click of a button.This extension was originally developed by Nic Holliday. I took the liberty of updating this extension for Firefox 3 because it did not. At the same time, I reorganized the code and made it compliant with the standards of Mozilla and new interface of Facebook. As of v0.5.4, this project is now shared between me and Diana Jaunzeikare.Functionality: To download photos from an album, right click (with your mouse) on the name / link of an album Facebook and click the Download Album with FacePAD option. If you did this correctly, a JavaScript pop-up will appear telling you to wait a moment while it initiates the download process. Press OK and the pictures will be downloaded in the download directory in Firefox by default. If they are more than one page of photos, and more of a JavaScript pop-up window will appear (one for each page, where 1 = top 20 pictures). Example of alerts below.Example: 55 PhotosAlert 1: Download 20 Photos Page 1Alert 2: Download 20 Photos Page 2Alert 3: Download 15 Photos Page 3 Requirements: Mozilla Firefox · What's new in this version: [ read full Changelog] · Added support for Italian (Italiano), Dutch (Nederlands), and French-Canadian users Facebook. · If the user does not specify a language preference, FacePAD uses English. · There will be only one box pop-up/alert signifying FacePAD started downloading the album. · Now compatible with Firefox 3.6b1pre

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