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Tag Cloud Explorer 1.0

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December 23 2011


Tag Cloud Explorer 1.0


Tag Cloud Explorer allows you to do keywords based search on your site published documents.This product installs a tag cloud portlet on your Plone site The portlet allow you to do keywords based search on your site published documents. Multi-keywords search is also possible, by clicking on another keyword during a search.TagCloudExplorer is an alternative to the usual Plone search. Searches are restricted to combinations of keywords. The search is iterative. Keywords can be added and removed from the search at any time, allowing the user to conveniently explore the document space. The result set can be narrowed down to a few documents in a few steps. TagCloudExplorer effectiveness depends on well-chosen keywords.How does it work ? A portlet is provided, offering a choice of keywords. These keywords are chosen from the published documents of your site. Clicking on keyword start the search for documents. You can then add and remove keywords by clicking on them on the portlet or on the results page. By clicking on the title of the portlet or by removing all keywords, you can access to a full page version of the portletConfiguration TagCloudExplorer provide a configuration page available from the control panel. Parameters are: * Min and Max tags size * Maximum number of tags to display in the portlet, * The scaling policyRequirements:· DataGridFieldWorks with:· Plone 2.5.2· Plone 2.5.1· Archetypes 1.5· Archetypes 1.4· Zope 2.9What's New in This Release:· French traduction now complete and effective Corrected a bug with the portlet macro uninstallation · Add of CONFLICTS and DEPENDENCIES files screenshots· FAQ added in doc folder Minor changes in TCE code

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