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FACHODA Complex 1.0

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December 31 2011


FACHODA Complex 1.0


FACHODA complex project is a fast Simulator.Fachoda complex air combat is a little game I wrote it about 10 years ago. I coded this in 3 or 4 months while I was OYEN. I was young and brave, then, but never learned to cleanly.Sounds code is now broken. He worked on the Gravis Ultrasound. The game requires a Pentium with MMX, and NASM. Disable sound with-nosound, try xcolor or SDL version when experiencing trouble with colors. It is an old work. I will never upgrade this code, but I will certainly one day the code from another flight simulator. I even already started, then stopped ... Someone suggested adding a reverse Gear of the airplane, and I'm going to incorporate this idea, and much more ... Requirements: · NASM - The Netwide Assembler X11 · Libs or · SDLWhat New in this version: • The source code is now available. · Some aircraft have been added.

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