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Finance::Bank::Norisbank 0.02

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January 17 2012


Finance::Bank::Norisbank 0.02


Finance:: Bank:: norisbank is a Perl module for automated interaction accounts for clients norisbank Finance:: Bank:: norisbank-> new ('1234567890 ',' 12,345 ') connected to the number given account using the PIN given. norisbank account numbers are ten numbers and secret codes are five digits. Remember that even if the account numbers and PINs are like numbers, they are not numbers. The quote as strings when they appear as literals in the code or account number is no longer a float and lose precesion on the right, or losing zeros on the left. FIXME: interface more idiomatic. Automatically verify the account information is valid. Returns the object on success, or dies on failure.get_transactions $ account-> get_transactions (DateTo DateFrom $ $) Get all the transactions that occoured (bank_date) between DateFrom DateTo and which should be time_t (ie Standard-unix-ish timestamps). For your convience, 0 is defined as the current date when used as DateTo, and before 100 days DateTo when used as DateFrom. Note that both ends are rounded to the resolution day - from the date is rounded to midnight at The Beginning of the day, and at midnight at the end of the day. This means that the beach used to be always completely shut, but beyond May, the range requested. (This means that account $ get_transactions ()> get operations from 100 days through today.) FIXME: Make the next real point. The return in list context is a list of Finance:: Bank:: Transactions:: DE objects, the least recent first. If there is a mistake to seek information, the method will signal an exception (die). Back in scalar context is not defined, and subject to change without notice.blz $ account-> blz Finance:: Bank:: norisbank:: -> blz $ account-> BLZ Finance:: Bank:: norisbank: : -> Returns the Bankleihtzahl BLZ (sort code) of the $ bank.Iban account-> account $ iban-> Returns IBAN The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) for this $ account.Swift Account> Swift Finance:: Bank: norisbank:: -> rewind the BIC-SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication - Bank Identifier Code) norisbank. This is an alias and SWIFT. (This returns the part of SWIFT, which is the same for all Branches norisbank.) Requirements: Perl ·

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