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Yada 1.0.0

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January 11 2012


Yada 1.0.0


YADA is ac library that abstracts the SQL databases to enable transparent use of multiple databases. The goal in mind is to make a common interface to several databases, thus stopping the need for application developers to write different modules for each SQL backend they want to support. It is also useful for caching data in different types of databases, for example, access to a remote database and Oracle caching results in a local MySQL one (the proof Originally the concept was.) To do this, it uses a compatibility layer functions to bind input variables and output, prepare statements, and retrieve data. Functionality and concept are somewhat like Perl DBI, and somewhat improved (I hope). In fact, I use it on projects where I did not need support for multiple databases, because I like the API API.This seems to work well, but I want to wait a little longer before going to version 1.0 and the lock to ensure there is no last minute changes or omissions. I know that documentation is sparse right now, I'm working on it ... Please feel free to e-mail with questions and I'll be happy to assist you. This will also help me to know what parts need to be better documentation.The MySQL module is tested and should be stable, SQLite3 is tested but not widely used, Oracle and PostgreSQL are both experienced and used with some types, however, binary does not currently work in them. Next in the pipeline will probably be freetds, etc, etc (volunteers are welcome). See README.modules in the archive for more information. What's new in this version: This version adds · functions yada va_list and more features for the structure yadac binding. · A lot of the build system has been cleaned and / or fixed

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