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ABClock 1.0d

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February 7 2012


ABClock 1.0d


ABClock project is a clock that's clear even in very small bitmaps. ABClock project is a clock that's clear even in very small bitmaps.Analogue Bitmap Clock displays the current time with hours and minutes in an analogue fashion but unlike the traditional clock; unlike ordinary analogue clocks, this design is clear even in very small bitmaps.Here are some key features of "ABClock":· The Clock uses ordinary hours and minutes. I wanted to redesign how time is represented, not time itself.· Placement and movement of objects is analogous to mechanical clocks. This makes the representation of time not too counterintuitive.· Time has a symmetrical property that is retained in the way time changes in this clock.· The clock is clear and exact up to parts of minutes, even when the bitmap is very small.· The clock doesn't display seconds. When you need that kind of accuracy you are probably better off with a Digital Clock. Units larger than twelve hours are also excluded. If you want to know whether it's day or night, just look out of your window. For dates, check a calendar.What's New in This Release:· Added option -w, to run abclock in withdrawn state (as a docked application). After a patch supplied by Kevin Geiss.

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