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Baldrick Application Framework 0.86

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March 3 2012


Baldrick Application Framework 0.86


Baldrick Application Framework is a set of Perl modules to provide functionality common to all non-web applications trivial. Baldrick Application project proposes a set of Perl modules which provide functionality common to all non-trivial web applications.Here are key features of "Baldrick Application Framework" · Web-to-handler mapping, loading manager Resource Management - Baldrick:: App session · User Management - Baldrick:: Session, Baldrick:: FileSession user data loading ·, user authentication, Connection and disconnection - Baldrick:: UserLoader, Baldrick:: DBUserLoader request · Retrieving user information - Baldrick:: • Application handling user requests and returning a response - Baldrick:: Dogsbody · Formatting output using a model processor (currently, only template Toolkit) - Baldrick:: TemplateAdapter · Bootstrapping libraries Baldrick: Baldrick:: Stub and Baldrick: Trousers.What's new in this version: * Added Baldrick: DatabaseSession - very minimalist, very few configuration options, no cleaning · added Baldrick:: QueryBuilder - a class for gradually create the states multi-table SQL. * Added listToTree to Baldrick:: Util * Added commandHandlers hashref Dogsbody start, giving Dogsbody capacity Transmogrify into another. · Set packing problem with 0.85 - the version sent to CPAN will not install because of an obvious defect

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