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EasiLiX 1.2

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February 17 2012


EasiLiX 1.2


The EasiLiX distribution provides a text-based, menu-driven interface for configuring services. EasiLiX is an integrated software that makes Linux easier and safer to use and administration of Linux operating system and other services .- EasiLiX makes easier - EasiLiX makes it simple - EasiLiX makes safer - EasiLiX makes it more stable - EasiLiX more reliable, it contains all services like DNS, Web, Mail, Proxy, FTP, DHCP to the intranet, internet and network needs. All services are pre-configured and integrated into the product EasiLiX. No software is required at all. EasiLiX is a turnkey solution for IT personnel. You think everything you need and EasiLiX do it for you. EasiLiX contains all services like DNS, Web, Mail, FTP, Proxy, DHCP to the Intranet, Internet and network needs.EasiLiX offers a comprehensive set of software tools and networks, including Internet and Intranet Server, Web Server, FTP Server, DNS server, file server and Firewall.No longer read books or howtos, hiring experts, taking course to use Linux for your needs. With the purchase of EasiLiX you have a Linux, secure and reliable that you can configure easily.EasiLiX can be installed and configured quickly and easily in under 5 minutes, the intuitive menu-driven TUI / WUI allows users to run Linux without previous Linux experience. EasiLiX is designed to hide the complexity of Linux and services tasks.All network administration are pre-configured and integrated into the product EasiLiX. No software is required to all.EasiLiX tool includes easy configuration of firewalls. You can simply select the safety rules applicable to your network and server running EasiLiX rules apply to you. If you want to do nothing, select the default security for your protection. You also have an option to customize the default rules to increase your network security.EasiLiX share a single IP address on all computers in your network. You can configure your network with DHCP and DNS servers that are included.

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