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Jabber::RPC::HTTPgate 0.01

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March 11 2012


Jabber::RPC::HTTPgate 0.01


Jabber:: RPC:: HTTPgate is an HTTP gateway for Jabber-RPC / XML-RPC. Jabber:: RPC:: HTTPgate is an HTTP gateway for Jabber-RPC / XML-RPC.SYNOPSIS use Jabber:: RPC:: HTTPgate my $ gw = Nine Jabber:: RPC:: HTTPgate (server => ' : 5701 ', identauth =>' jrpchttp.localhost: Secret, httpcomp => 'http'); $ gw-> start; Jabber:: RPC:: HTTPgate is a gateway experimental service that provides a link between the "traditional "(HTTP-carried) XML-RPC encoded requests / responses and Jabber-RPC (XML-RPC encoded requests / responses transported over Jabber). The idea is that you can start a bridge, which connects as a component in the backbone of a Jabber server, and Jabber-RPC proxies for HTTP-based XML RPC evaluation criteria, and vice versa. This means that your client Jabber-RPC can not only make XML-encoded RPC calls to a Jabber-RPC endpoint but also to a "traditional HTTP-based XML-RPC endpoint. And it also means that your "classic" HTTP-based client XML-RPC can make XML-encoded RPC calls to a Jabber-RPC endpoint.Jabber -> HTTPWhen you create and start a gateway, it listens for Jabber - RPC calls, like a Jabber-RPC normal speakers. Upon receiving such a call, the gateway creates an HTTP request and sends the request on the HTTP-XML-RPC based Terminals. The response received back from this HTTP call is relayed to the original Jabber-RPC requester.While Jabber-RPC address PaRameter is a Jabber ID (JID), a traditional XML-RPC is an endpoint URL. Thus all the Jabber-RPC client must do is specify the URL in the resource's endpoint gateway JID.HTTP -> jabber and listen for Jabber-RPC calls, serve as a gateway queries incoming HTTP can be done for the component that uses the HTTP gateway. The HTTP component (called simply 'http') can be downloaded from the normal Jabber Software repository.On receiving an HTTP request (which is passed by the HTTP component), the gateway creates a Jabber-RPC request containing the XML-RPC encoded payload, and sends the Jabber-RPC Endpoint stakeholders. This endpoint is identified (via a JID) that part of the URL used in the call by the traditional client.

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