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Linux Mint Fluxbox 6

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February 15 2012


Linux Mint Fluxbox 6


Linux Mint with the Fluxbox window manager, made by and for the Linux Mint Community. Linux Mint Fluxbox is the first community edition of Linux Mint is based on the Fluxbox window manager, made by and for the release Community.This Linux Mint was built from Scratch based on the Ubuntu Hardy repositories with emphasis on desk light and yet fully functional centered on the Fluxbox window - MFM: The most radical feature of Linux Mint Fluxbox CE is the self-produced and automatic updating Fluxbox menu! In other words, gone are the days when using Fluxbox meant you had to manually build / edit your menu. Installing or uninstalling, mint-MFM will do the menu for you! However, if you still want to manually edit your menu, you can, and your changes will remain intact through upgrades menu. You can even enable or disable menu Icons with a click of a button in mintDesktop! Credit goes to Sayan of the March Linux project for the core of the Mint mfm.Full functionality Desktop Environment: Linux Mint Fluxbox CE is trying to find an ideal balance between low resource usage and GUI functionality. Thus, graphical tools have been included whenever possible to give an experience to match a Full Blown desktop environment like Gnome or XFCE.Minty Goodness: The Linux Mint specific applications you've come to know and love are all included . MintInstall * * * mintWifi * mintAssistant * mintUpload mintUpdate * mintBackup * mintConfig * mintDesktopMultimedia compatibility: As you have now come to expect from a release of Linux Mint Linux Mint Fluxbox CE comes with all available codecs and plugins pre -installed so you can enjoy your media box be it on your machine or custom Actions online.Thunar: Many custom actions have been added to make use of Linux Mint Fluxbox CE a more pleasant affair. * Md5sum-mint: A simple tool for quick and easy calculation of MD5 * simple printing of files * Folder sharing over Samba * Upload to repository mintUpload * * * Browsing as root in R d a specified location * Easy installation of True Type fonts * Easy creation of symbolic language linksBetter / localization support: With the family of Linux Mint Elyssa release, language support has been a major objective. All Mint tools were internationalized and are actively translated by community.Look and the sensation of attractive themes were chosen to give this release a sharp look pleasant and with a predominant Green bias. * Fluxbox style: modified MurrinaFlux style (by Hund) * GTK theme: MurrinaMintFB custom theme using the Murrina engine * Icon theme: Delta Green (by rodofr) * Backgrounds and GDM themes: Elyssa defaults (by Jernau) * Sound theme from the Ubuntu repositories

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