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Mac::Path::Util 0.25

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March 3 2012


Mac::Path::Util 0.25


Mac:: Path:: Util is a Perl module that converts between Darwin and Mac paths. Mac:: Path:: Util is a Perl module that converts between Darwin and Mac paths.SYNOPSIS use Mac:: Path:: util; my $ path = Mac:: Path:: Util-> new ( "/ Users / / file.txt foo "); my $ path = $ mac_path-> mac_path; here Alpha SOFTWARE. SOME THINGS ARE NOT FINISHED.Convert between Darwin (Unix) and Mac paths.This file is not as simple as changing the directory separator. The Mac way is the volume name in it, while the road stops darwin name startup volume, since it is mounted on /. Mac:: Path:: Util can possibly use Mac:: Carbon to determine the actual name of the startup volume (disabled by default) when you install Mac:: Carbon. You can use this module on other platforms too. Once the module has looked up the volume name, it caches. If you want to reset the cache, use the clear_startup () method.Colons ( "") in the path of Darwin become / in the path of Mac and slashes in the path of Mac became settlers in rail Darwin path.Mac not have a directory separator for Absolute paths.Normally, Mac paths ending with a directory name have a trailing colon, this module can not necessarily verify that since May, you want to convert paths.

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