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najitool 0.8.1

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February 7 2012


najitool 0.8.1


najitool generates or creates modified copies of files in the formats you specify or show the screen. najitool generates or creates copies of files modified in the models that interest you and show the screen.Generally, najitool generates, converts, filters and encrypts files. It also has many other various functions as a system for Arabic to English Letters and vice transliteration, it has programming functions like bin2c making it compilable source code file out of any file, like picture files for use in a C program. najitool can generate: A list of numbers ie English or Turkish 1 to 9999HTML pages every possible Unicode letter / symbolPreprogrammed. BMP, niCE to wallpaperBig art sentencesMultiplication ASCII text files squaresRandom character (useful for secure passwords) najitool can convert: UNIX to DOS / Windows text format and vice versaTabs to spacesText to HTMLnajitool can filter: Make a copy of a file specified by jumping charactersMake a copy of a file using only specified charactersnajitool can also: Flip every bit in every byte of a file (0 to 1's and 1 to 0's) SQL files to say a hexidecimalCount filesnajitool filesReverse FileCompare filesJoin filesSplit to: obtain two functionstwo file deletion file encryption functions

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