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PHP Data Grid Class 1.0 Beta 3

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March 11 2012


PHP Data Grid Class 1.0 Beta 3


php Data Grid Class can be used to display MySQL query results in HTML tables. PHP Data Grid Class can be used to display MySQL query results in HTML tables. PHP Data Grid Class executes a given SQL SELECT query and generates an HTML table defined by a template to display the query results results.The table also shows Links to navigate between pages query result. The number of rows of results to display per page is configurable. Results can be sorted by columns that the user may choose by clicking on the links column. The list of sortable columns restricted.Here May BE are some key features of "PHP Data Grid Class": Class · PHP executes a given SQL query and generates a code based on HTML templates that displays the query results. · Provides automatically through navigation trough pages and lets the user decide how many rows to display on each page • ADF let the user sort by columns available - or you can restrict this feature for specific columns · if requested, it can automatically Switch to display a "column" - a column to enable users to locate specific rows, select • Have you set the columns of the query result display · you can edit the content of fields in a column on the fly by creating callbacks · you can add JavaScript Actions for when user clicks on displayed rows or cells specific column's • You can extend the functionality of the data grid by adding custom columns - columns whose content Not · generated by the query but added by you - you can add HTML tags and / or JavaScript to perform any action ·, everything is based on models of multi-language supportWhat · New in this Version: Arrays · can now be transmitted to the grid display. · Setting column default sort now works correctly. • The layout of all check / uncheck all buttons reversed / can now be defined in the model. • The form of action can now be set when instantiating the data grid and the model can now be defined using the new method added, "setTemplate ()".· Language can now be settled with the SetLanguage "()" method. · Romanian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and translations have been added.

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