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setuptools_darcs 1.2.8

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February 28 2012


setuptools_darcs 1.2.8


setuptools plugin for darcs setuptools_darcs is a plugin for setuptools that integrates darcs. Once installed, Setuptools can be told to include in a package distribution all the files tracked by darcs. This is an alternative to explicit inclusion specifications with ``.A distribution here refers to a package that you create using, ex:  python sdist  python bdist_Egg  python bdist_rpmThis package was formerly known as setuptools_darcs_plugin.  The Name Change is the result of an agreement by the setuptools plugin developers to provide a uniform naming convention.Installation:With easy_install:  easy_install setuptools_darcsAlternative manual installation:  tar -zxvf setuptools_darcs-X.Y.Z.tar.gz  cd setuptools_darcs-X.Y.Z  python installWhere X.Y.Z is a version number.Usage:To use this plugin, you must first package your python module with `` and use setuptools.  The former is well documented in the distutils manual: use setuptools instead of distutils, just edit `` and change  from distutils.core import setupto  from setuptools import setupWhen setuptools builds a source package, it always includes all files tracked by your revision control system, if it knows how to learn what those files are.When setuptools builds a binary package, you can ask it to include all files tracked by your revision control system, by adding this argument to your invocation of `setup()`:  setup(...,    include_package_data=True,    ...)This plugin lets setuptools know what files are tracked by your darcs revision control tool.  setuptools ships with support for cvs and subversion.  Other plugins like this one are available for bzr, git, monotone, and mercurial, at least.It might happen that you track files with your revision control system that you don't want to include in your packages.  In that case, you can prevent setuptools from packaging those files with a directive in your ``, ex:  exclude .darcs-boringfile  recursive-exclude images *.xcf *.blendIn this example, we prevent setuptools from packaging `.darcs-boringfile` and the Gimp and Blender source files found under the `images` directory.Alternatively, files to exclude from the package can be listed in the`setup()` directive:  setup(...,    exclude_package_data = {'': ['.darcs-boringfile'],                    'images': ['*.xcf', '*.blend']},    ...)GotchasIf someone clones your darcs repository using darcs but does not install this plugin, then when they run a package building command they will not get all the right files.  On the other hand if someone gets a source distribution that was created by "./ sdist", then it will come with a list of all files, so they will not need darcs in order to build a distribution themselves.You can make sure that anyone who uses your file has this plugin by adding a `setup_requires` argument.  setup_requires=[]  # setuptools_darcs is required to produce complete distributions (such as with  # "sdist" or "bdist_egg"), unless there is a ${PKG}.egg-info/SOURCES.txt file  # present which contains a complete list of files that should be included in  # distributions.  #  setup_requires.append('setuptools_darcs >= 1.1.0')  setup(...,    setup_requires = setup_requires,    ...)

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