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Taint 0.07

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March 11 2012


Taint 0.07


Taint is a Perl extension for variable contamination. Taint is a Perl extension for use taint Taint variables.SYNOPSIS; taint (taintvar $ [, $ AnotherVar [, $ yetmorevars]]), $ bool = tainted ($ vartocheck) taint () marks its arguments tainted.tainted () returns true if the argument is contaminated otherwiseDIAGNOSTICSAttempt false taste valueYou read only tried to tarnish something untaint as a constant or expression. Tare () takes only lvalues for argumentsAttempt to taint arraya a reference to an array was passed to taint. You can set individual Table taint not itself.Attempt table taint Hasha a reference to a hash has been passed to taint. You can alter individual components of hash, not the whole hash.Attempt to taint codeYou adopted a coderef to taint. You can not do that.Attempt to taint a typeglobYou adopted a typeglob to taint. blemish blemishes, only scalar and typeglob one.Attempt is not a taint referenceYou tried to taint a reference, you can not do.Attempt to something unknown taste or tainting undefYou attempted either a set variable to undef, or your Version of Perl has more types of variables as mine did when this module was written. Chances are, you try to tarnish a variable with an undef value as, for example, one that has been created (either explicitly or implicitly), but not a value assigned.Doing this: My $ foo; taint ($ foo ) will Trigger this error.

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