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March 3 2012




V-lib is a library that provides classes of the IPC and the manipulation of socket. V-lib is a library developed by Stefanos Harhalakis a couple of years ago, used in all applications.Installation: The installation should not be a problem. I'm working on porting over different platforms as possible, but because of version changes, portability must be checked often enough. As of version it compiles on: • Linux - gcc 3.2.2 or higher · OpenBSD - gcc 2.9xx · Irix 6.4 (Do: set CC = cc CCC = CC and before configure) · Solaris 9 - gcc 3.2.2If you think it will not compile on a platform above where you think it should be focused on another platform, please leave me A Note. V-lib provides some classes to handle the IPC and sockets. This means that those Who are required to compile. It is a common thing, not to include the IPC in the Linux Kernel. If you think this is boring, leave me a note and I'll make optional.V-Lib not depend on any other library. The only code that may be non-portable is the IPC and instantiation.Installation model should be as simple as: #. / Configure # make # make installWhat New in this version: · security patch

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