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v9fs 2.0.3

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February 9 2012


v9fs 2.0.3


v9fs is 9P2000 resource sharing protocol under Linux 2.6. v9fs Plan 9 provides 9P2000 resource sharing protocol for Linux Kernel 2.6. This can be used to share files, devices, / proc, / sys, etc.It also works with Plan 9 file servers, and can be used to mount filesystems synthetic from Plan 9 applications (see Project plan9port). Includes kernel modules for Linux 2.4.x and 2.6.x kernels.What's new in this version: · more responses were made to LKML comments. · Fixes have been made for Transport. · A method of transporting FD has been added. · This release was fully merged with Linux 2.6 .13.

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