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Vatata 1.50

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February 9 2012


Vatata 1.50


Vatata is a system of end to end solution and a large scale for the publishing, shipping and receiving streaming content. Vatata is a system and end to end solution for large-scale publishing, Delivery and reception of streaming content. Vatata is a completely open system based on grid technology internet.Its ensures low cost and clear delivery of content to millions of Internet users. Users can easily build their Internet Radio stations or individual television channels through Vatata and dreams of DJ and VJ will come true just because Vatata. L All users personal or commercial users have full rights to use Vatata free. Anyone can publish, transmit and receive streaming content permitted by law, but the owner Vatata does not assume any Legal obligation arising from the treatment of users streaming contents.Usage: vttserver [-u url] [-c file configuration] [-d description] [-t time] [-s streamtype] [-h] [-p playlistfile] DESC: c-file configuration, the configuration file used by the prog vttsvr.conf default-u URL , Web / URL file-play description of the description of the url-game time t, -1 infinite loop mean, default 1-p playlist when the playlist in use, the type of flow is set to file s-flow type, the type of stream is "live" or "file", live-m mode server default: normal 0, 1, source of proxy, proxy-2 New fileWhat pm displays help in this version: • Support for live broadcast streaming on a LAN has been added. • The server tracker Vatata was also released, which allows users to construct their own content servers directory group.

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