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Wais 2.311

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March 11 2012


Wais 2.311


Wais is a Perl module to access to libraries freeWAIS sf. Wais is a Perl module with access to freeWAIS-sf libraries.USAGEThe Main high-level interface functions are Wais:: Search and Wais:: Retrieve. Both return a reference to an object of class Wais:: Result.Wais: SearchArguments of Wais:: Search are hash references, one for each database search. The keys of the hashes should be: query queryThe to submit.databaseThe database that should be searched.hosthost is optional. The default is 'localhost'. Portport is optional. The default 210.tagA to tag by which individual results can be associated with a database / host / port triple. If omitted defaults to the current name.relevantIf database must be a reference to an array containing alternating document ID and types. Document ID must be of type Wais: Docid.Here is a complete example: $ result = Wais:: Search (( 'query' => 'Pfeifer', 'database' => $ db1, 'host' => 'LS6' 'relevance' => [$ id, 'TEXT']), ( 'query' => 'Pfeifer', 'database' => $ DB2)); If the host is 'localhost' and database.src exists local search is performed instead of connecting a server.Wais:: Search opens $ Wais:: maxnumfd parallel connections at the most.

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