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WAIT 1.800

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March 11 2012


WAIT 1.800


WAIT Perl module is a rewrite of freeWAIS-sf engine in Perl and XS. WAIT Perl module is a rewrite of freeWAIS-sf engine in Perl and XS.The central idea of the system is to provide The Framework and components of any system of indexing and searching user might want to build. Obviously, the frame limits the class of system that can be constructed. +------+ +-----+ +------+ ==> | Login | ==> | Parse | ==> | | +------+ + -- - ----+ | | | | | | +-----+ | | | Filter | ==> | Index | / | | +-----+ +-------+ + - ----+ | | 1), _n "$";) Else (push @ result, (), _n "$";)) return @ result; # we're not going for speed) Obviously, we could implement split by tag. The reason for having two functions is speed. We must call partial for each document when indexing a collection. Therefore, speed is essential. On the other hand, the tag is known to display a single document and may be a little slower. She may care about marking regions bold and italic. See WAIT:: Parse:: Nroff how it might reduce the prospect definitionFrom performance.Filter Information Retrieval, the harder the system is the filter module. The administrator of database sets for each attribute, how the content should be treated before being stored in the index. Usually, treatment includes measures to restrict the character set, processing cases, the distribution of words and turn to the trigrams. Wait In these stages are defined naturally as a pipeline of processing steps. The pipelines consist of duties pending packaging:: Filter is pre-filled by the most common functions, but may be extended for an equivalent time.The type of treatment freeWAIS-sf this pipeline would be: [ 'Isotra', 'isolc', 'split2', 'stop', 'stem'] Isotra The function replaces unknown characters with blanks. isolc turns lowercase. split2 divided into words and removes words shorter than two characters. stop removes stopwords sf freeWAIS Stem-and applies the Porter algorithm for calculating the stem of the filter definition for a collection words.The defines a set of pipelines for the attributes and Change the lines that should be used for the prefix and interval searches.Several full of examples of work are equipped to wait in the script directory. It is recommended to follow the model of smakewhatis scripts and sman.Requirements: · Perl

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