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Yahoo::Marketing 4.05

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March 1 2012


Yahoo::Marketing 4.05


Yahoo::Marketing is an interface for Yahoo! Search Marketing's Web Services. Yahoo::Marketing is an interface for Yahoo! Search Marketing's Web Services.SYNOPSISThis collection of modules makes interacting with Yahoo! Search Marketing's Web Services as easy as possible.Sample Usage: use Yahoo::Marketing::Keyword; use Yahoo::Marketing::KeywordService; my $service = Yahoo::Marketing::KeywordService->new; # setup your credentials $service->username( 'your username' ) ->password( 'your password' ) ->license( 'your license' ) ->master_account( 'your master account ID' ) ->account( 'your account ID' ) ->endpoint( '' ); # OR $service->parse_config( section => 'sandbox' ); # create a keyword object, and add it my $keyword = Yahoo::Marketing::Keyword->new ->adGroupID( $ad_group_id ) ->text( 'some text' ) ->alternateText( 'some alternate text' ) ->sponsoredSearchMaxBid( 1.00 ) ->status( 'On' ) ->advancedMatchON( 'true' ) ->url( '' ) ; my $keyword_response = $service->addKeyword( keyword => $keyword ); # added keyword will have ID set my $added_keyword = $keyword_response->keyword; ...Yahoo's Marketing API allows you to manage your search marketing account in an automated fashion rather than manually. The API is exposed as a standard SOAP service that you can make calls to. This set of modules is designed to make using the SOAP service easier than using SOAP::Lite (for example) directly. There are 2 main types of modules available.The service modules (CampaignService, AdGroupService, BidInformationService, etc) are used to make the actual calls to each of the SOAP services in the API. The other type of module provided are the complex type modules, each of which represents one of the complex types defined in one of the WSDLs of the SOAP service. Examples include Campaign, AdGroup, Ad, PendingAd, CreditCardInfo, etc.Yahoo::Marketing will call LocationService for you, and cache the results. This should be completely transparent. See the documtation for cache, cache_Expire_time, purge_cache and clear_cache in Yahoo::Marketing::Service for more details.

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