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ZEngine 0.2.0

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February 7 2012


ZEngine 0.2.0


ZEngine project is a 2d platform game API. Zengin is a multi-platform 2D game API.It uses a combination of OpenGL and SDL to provide speed and functionality and portability. The library can be used on any platform SDL supports, but for all OpenGL functionality and requires several SDL extension libraries. A base class design allows for easy management of resources and makes learning the API easier, leaving more time to devote to the development of the game itself that learning different APIs. Current development platforms are Windows and Linux, but Zengin is reported to work on similar operating systems (Mac OSX) and assistance is available to anyone at any porting platform.What's new in this version: • Linux build system (for Atan). Packed · Press (VC7 only). · Review of the entire source code, cleaned various areas. · Fixed? some bugs such as empty containers. · Faster + small container methods. · Slightly changed event handling (based on Zengin 0.8.4). Zengin * Added version check. · Memory management has changed and use resource management. · Wrote all documentation Doxygen. · Bugs corrected, cleaned interface. · BSD license. · Changed namespaces of ZE to GEWI. · Sliders, Container.

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