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Zeppoo 0.0.3d

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February 8 2012


Zeppoo 0.0.3d


zeppoo can detect if a rootkit is installed on your system. Zeppoo can detect if a rootkit is installed on your system.Zeppoo can also detect hidden tasks, syscalls, some corrupted symbols, modules, and also hidden connections.For that he mainly uses / dev / kmem to inspect directly kernel memory, and, if possible, / dev / mem. Installation: Zeppoo uses a micro lib (pico?) To obtain the descriptor table to Break with assembly instructions, but we provide a compiled version directly called ulibzeppo.soIf you want to compile your own version, you must have the software python-devel installed, then compile with: python buildVisualization: ** Responsibilities:. / Tasks ** syscalls:. / Syscalls ** Networks:. / networksChecking: ** Responsibilities:. / C ** tasks Networks:. / C networksFingerprint: ** New:. / create-f FILE ** Checking:. / - checkOthers FILE f: ** To change the default device (/ dev / kmem):-D ** PERIPH To use mmap to search for symbols (fastest):-mExamples: ** The visualization tasks by / dev / mem mmap with:. / tasks vd / dev / mem-m ** Doing fingerprints using / dev / mem:. / F FILE / dev / mem ** check fingerprint using / dev / mem:. / File Check-d / dev / memWhat's new in this version: · check for a binary (execve binfmt) • Add symbols verification (only execve)

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  • zeppoo allows you to detect rootkits on i386 and x86_64 architecture under Linux, by using /dev/kmem and /dev/mem. Moreover it can also detect hidden tasks, connections, corrupted symbols, system calls... and so many other things....

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