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Apache::HealthCheck 0.01

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March 22 2012


Apache::HealthCheck 0.01


Checks a set of URLs for conditions and puts up whatever page you want Apache:: Staff Health is a Perl module that checks a set of URLs for conditions and puts up any page you want.SYNOPSIS <Location / health-check /> SetHander Perl script PerlModule Apache:: HealthCheck PerlHandler Apache:: HealthCheck PerlAddVar CheckURL " 404" PerlAddVar CheckURL "http:// 8085 / 302" PerlAddVar CheckURL " 403" ReturnCodeSuccess 403 PerlSetVar PerlSetVar ReturnCodeFail 500 </ Location> check the list of URLs for specific return codes, and then returns a code / header / page of its own. This is useful for clustering the Web server where you can have a switch or a Web server for the exercise of Periodic health checks on an application. This module allows you to master the controls of all the urls (Web Services) of a specific node could be in an easy to "verify" URL.If a URL specified in the guidelines CheckURL does not return The Return code specified, the attempt is considered failed, otherwise its treated as a success.

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