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C++ base 1.0

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March 11 2012


C++ base 1.0


C + + base is a result of base class contains several powerful C + + base classes for basic encapsulation. C + + base is a result of base class contains several powerful c + + base classes for basic encapsulation of low level operating system calls and basic library packages functions.Further you may get from This page requires the installation of this package basis Requirements: • To build the library database, you need a C + + compiler (g + +) in any UNIX environment. • The library must be able to compile on any POSIX Unix platform.Installation: Run the configure script with the following options. / Configure - prefix = where install-base-DIR is the directory of where the file header and the library should be installed.Run do. / Maketh built libbase.a base library. You can installthe library with header files that match with the install command. / Make install

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