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C++ Machine Objects 0.9.4

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March 15 2012


C++ Machine Objects 0.9.4


C + + Machine Objects class library operator supports a SubSet of the notation of UML Statecharts . C + + Machine Objects class library operator supports a subset of the notation of UML Statecharts for the implementation of hierarchical state machines in straight C + +, in a spirit similar to the "GoF State" pattern . The design of the devices currently supported are hierarchical states, entry and exit actions, state histories, and variables.Installation State: The class library as such did not need to be installed. Just include the header file Macho.hpp to use. Precondition is, however, a C + + compiler with the support of sane templates.Included are state machines HelloWorld example, Example, microwave and testing. To make the examples run just to compile the directory where they are, for example: + + # GCCg microwave o Microwave.cpp MSVC7cl # EHsc Microwave.cppI / as "GoF State" design pattern. It allows implementing the important concept of state machines with features of common programming languages. Using only basic linguistic mechanisms, it is easy to implement in developing real life software. Another important property that follows from this Simplicity is orthogonality, which means that the model can be combined with other graphic elements, patterns and idioms in an arbitrary manner. In contrast stand the tool supported by the ability to create state machine (which he never misses). Based on Code Generators and graphical editors, they tend to generate code incomprehensible and confiscated by orthogonality necessarily be outside the field of programming language. Unfortunately, this "state" model is limited in scope because it does not allow hierarchical state machines. This is unfortunate because the machines in the state tend to become flat when heavy becomes greater for the sheer number of states, they produce.Hierarchical state machines as defined by the Statechart notation mitigate this problem by providing an additional structural element through the states in combination hierarchies.The "state" model in its original form is not capable of modeling hierarchies of the state. The class library Macho extends the concept of this option, while retaining the properties of simplicity (it can) and the Independence of his tool inspiration.What's new in this version: This version adds · function return back to previous states using "Snapshots".

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