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C++ xml 1.0.0

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March 11 2012


C++ xml 1.0.0


C + + XML is a C + + library that provides an API for XML document manipulation. XML C + + is a C + + library that provides an API for XML handling.Similar to the JDOM Java interface, an XML document can be analyzed, plotted and produced by the methods provided. In addition, this library is a good example for the use of the analyzer generator.Installation dragon: Run the configure script with the following options. / Configure - prefix = where base-include-dir and base-lib-dir is the directory location thebase Headers and libraries have been installed. target-BIN-DIR is the place where the dragon executable must be installed, run make. / Maketh built the library as XML libXML.a. You can install the library with header files needed with install. / Make install

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