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DEPS 0.13

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March 30 2012


DEPS 0.13


deps is a mining and processing dependence System.DEPS started Life with the graph-includes name. As it is expected to do much more than just # include graphic Relations in C / C + + code, it was renamed to something hopefully more adequate.DEPS is a toolkit whose primary purpose is to 'assist authors of software to meet internal depencies (eg C / C + + # includes), and helps you locate the dependencies abusive. It evolves slowly towards a set of perl classes and intended to make the graphics generally complement the current command-line-graph tool.Here includes some key features of "LIFO" · Supported languages: C / C + + (Full), perl5 (part) support · transformations: the transitive reduction, RegExp-based clustering, consolidation of several levels of group operations of styling · supported: group-based coloring, annotation board · taken supported renderers graph: GraphViz (usable), Tulip (preliminar) conceptsNote Background: This section describes the best version 0.12, not yet ready for release.DEPS allows you to create projects graphing, eg . for tree program source. A project charting is a set of rules for constructing graphs. A graph is first extracted from your data (eg C source files), and transformations (eg, file grouping, the transitive reduction, color styling) are used to create graphics for most variety usages.What " New in this version: • The default project class should not be confused either by the greatest "." on the tracks. · Dependencies are now correctly found on Windows. · A new style node to display statistics on the group was added. • The Documentation has been updated.

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