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E/AS Automation Solutions 0.2.0

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March 19 2012


E/AS Automation Solutions 0.2.0


E/AS System Automation Open source software to help you automate your Solutions, even for personal or corporate. E / As automation solutions is open source system software to help automate your solutions, even for personal use and / or corporate ones.E / as written language CLIP (CA-clipper dialect compiler can be obtained from and uses CODB (CLIP Object Database) data storage.Here are some key features of "Automation Solutions E AS" · client-server technology (data and forms the interface ) infrastructure component · with the interaction between components by messages · forms interface on XML · MDIE / AS contains the typical distribution: · client software written on a clip-UI Library • Server software with wrapper run as maintenance tools demon ·: CODB console and component manager Base Portal (shape, auth) and example (contact) componentsWhat New in this version: · completely rewrite the code to implement E / AS Infrastructure Component Architecture program · own server instead COBRA maintenance tools ·: CODB console and base manager components and components such views · autoupdate ·

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