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E-Gantt 0.5.2

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March 17 2012


E-Gantt 0.5.2


E-Gantt is an open source library of Gantt in Java / Swing, which is intended for use in logistics and scheduling App. E-Gantt is an open source library of Gantt in Java and Swing, which is intended for use in logistics and planning applications.E-Gantt has been in operation for over a year, but has recently seen lot of work done which includes a simplified interface and documentation in the form of tutorials to make the project easier to use.Despite this E-Gantt has been applied successfully in many major projects in open source and commercial projects with-in the following industries. · Scheduling Search · Medical Research · U.S. Military Defense Projects · network administration toolsHow E-Gantt worksRather than developing a completely new table of Swing components or extend the component table making propreitry and difficult to work. E-Gantt utlilizes far beyond existing JTable with the amendment, which is used to enable companies using E-Gantt able to use own extensions JTable with E-Gantt with no extra work. E-Gantt this by mapping DefaultCellRender, DefaultCellEditor the table for its own category column. The Gantt chart will be rendered, in each column. The value returned by the getValueAt model table is required to be a DrawingState which is the value for each column. Drawing StateThe DrawingState is a value that is used to render the drawing of Gantt that is returned by the call tableModel.getValueAt methOfA (row, column). The DrawingState contains much information on the actual design including: • Place the top and bottom of the entry · an essential reference to indicate how the entry should be established • A reference key to indicate how the entry should be colouredFor Getting Started which has been made easier by a helper class GanttEntryHelper. GanttEntryHelper can be called with as little information as a start time and end time what can be done as static data or dynamically called with-in the actual table model.What 's new in this version: • The drawing tool has been set for determining the width of an entry. • The GlassPane / layer acetate for tools has been established. · A new demo for The modified drawing context was included. · A new example of text in diagrams (an example of layers) was added. · A new example of multi-entry - was added to the examples.

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